Lauren Kush never dissapoints and this new video proves it. Jay Stone was on his A game and he got it poppin for real with her..Look like he had it out for that pussy because this was a brutal dick down.  She squirts and shakes from a hard fuck, but this 19 yr old slut can take some dick, or at least try.  Ends with a nice creampie all up in her, she loves every drop of it..Another exclusive scene only seen here..Hope all the member enjoy, got another one coming in a few days..Peace!!
Princess  is back for more of that #teamdurrrty treatment. Big Turk And Jay Stone broke her in pretty good..This is actually one of the 1st vids of hers, she was fresh in the game, and ready to fuck..Bet she wasn't the same after this night. Man o Man these dudes didn't show no mercy and banged her back out something serious.  She even tapped out at one point, something she says she would never say never now..After over and hour of hard fucking they finally got tham nuts off..Sheesh!!Check the preview, you'll see what I'm talkin about
Virtually out of nowhere out pops 19 yr old southern bell Olivia Rain.  She's ready, eager, and willing to do what it takes to please.  This girl is a one of a kind..Very energetic and a real freak who loves big dick and wet man Jay Stone broke her in real nice to introduce her to the world of big dick pound outs.  After deepthroating dick like a real porn star, she gave up that creamy pussy and let Jay put that work in.  I can tell he had fun pounding that pussy out..Another exclusive scene brought to you 1st..I beat ghettogaggers and strippersinthehood to the punch..You will see lots of her..Trust Me!!..Follow her on twitter here
By request I bring to you Tiyanna Lee's last video ever, with ya Boy Mack Steele.  Turns out she retired from the business for one reason or the next but its all good because I got some great footage from her..In this latest scene she gets a good deep dick  down and sucks the hell out of his dick.  After a nice lil fuck, he exploded on her face..Not bad for her exit out the biz..Farewell and thanx for your beautiful presense..Hope you guys enjoy this one
She fucked so much that I had to make a part 2 to this.  Turk was on his A game all night with this lil freak.  She was waking him up to get dick, and he had no problem giving it to her.  I caught as much footage as I can as he slammed her asshole deep and hard.. She took the dick like a good girl. She got 2 nuts out of him by the morning..She will be back I guarantee..
As we move forward in this amateur porn shit, I bring to you, Isis. a detroit native who has alot to offer..She's 19  about 5'3 125, and loves big dick.  I put her on to Big Turk to test the pussy out,  Not only is she a real dick takin bitch but she takes it in all holes, no matter how big you are. I mean this girl is incredible.  This session lasted for hours, breaks included, but she literally fucked all night..Turk tore that ass up and as you can see from the clip, she's a real trooper..Yes you will see lots more of her.  She's the new anal kween on the block right now..Sheesh!!...Great video, and this is only Part 1
Happy New Year to all and I hope your new year is prosperous and beneficial..Now to the action. We gonna start the year off with something special indeed..The return of Big Yella..Yep she was gone for awhile and now she's back on her grind..This video also features a new comer named Satin Princess, a submissive latina mixed pretty BBW who's a trip. lol..This video ended up being sort of a reunion for Turk and Yella, because they fucked all night while we talked shit and Satin sucked dick..I had a female camera woman for this onenamed Maddy  ..One hellava night with Big Yella ending up with a creampie..I had to break it up in 2 parts because it was so long...Plus Some Girl On Girl Action in part stay tuned...Nice pre new years eve fuck party to enjoy..Have Fun!!!
If you enjoyed the first episode then this one will surely blow your mind..Satin Princess asks to eat out Yella and she did not refuse at all..So it turnt into a whole nother video. Turk  joined in and fucked Yella after Satin lubed her up real good. He gave her a good dick down for the next half hour and surprisingly bust a nut inside here..I tell ya the night was full of surprises..Great night in all..Shout out to Maddy on the Camera, she doing her thing..We got the Goddess Eve Coming up next..
Got some new talent up this week on this snowy ass day..The Goddess Eve make her debut and she's one to look out for..She loves gang bangs and rough sex,,,,what a, Turk, and Jay Stone put that work in and gave her that warm welcome..We took turns pounding that fat pussy out..Dudes couldn't get enough of her..This lasted for almost 2 hours and she trooped it out..I can personally say she is worth it in many ways. Maybe next time I'll get some anal out of her..All in all great scene for her 1st vid...
Isis is defintely a fan favorite and she returns with another hot ass scene..This time she meets Mr. Jay, a mild mannered gentlemen who fucks hard and loves anal, so you know it was a good one.  He couldn't keep his hands off her petite body, so after a good blowjob he went straight to work testing the pussy out.  To his satisfaction, he switched holes and tried the ass.  After working it in he fucked her silly up her ass until she tapped out..There's no words to really describe this scene..But lets say he worked her real hard and good for almost 2 hrs..A treat for the waiting and paying members..Coming soon with another one in a few days
Just another day at thethotspot and look who shows up..nasty MILF Dee Lish, she had 3 of us to deal with that night and she dealt with us pretty good. SHe went to work on them dicks like a pro until Jay stone banged her out dam near to submission..D Rock put his work in to and bust a load in her ass..By the time the night was over she had 3 loads in her, 1 in every hole..You got to see this to believe it!!Got to keep this nasty MILF around!!
Aint nothing Butterfly ever made was trash, her shit was fire from beginning to end, so when she left the porn game she left behind a mini legacy, and this video is no short of a masterpiece..One thing for sure, she knows how to treat some dick, ask my man Jay Stone..He knew exactly what to do with this freak of the week. After some awsome head, he fucked her in every hole she got..Stretched her ass out real good and put a load on her hole..This scene is about an hour, so you know they really went at it..Farewell to Butterfly, hopefully she will make a return...
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Just another night in the life of amateur porn stars.  Lalola Klitz and Haze got together for the ultimate pound fest..Lalola handles dick like no other but Haze has a problem with big dick. She would not give Turk no pussy that night, saying she was Jay and MD laid it down on her, even had her squirting.  Lalola was suppose to be a fluff girl but some how ended up getting fucked by everybody..LOL dudes couldn't resist that pussy..As you can see from the clip we got it poppin in and its only pt.1..Stay tuned..
Here's part 2 of a long ass night of fuckin and suckin..Haze took all the dick she could take and could do nothing but watch in awe ass Lalola took major cock..I dont know how she can fuck so much but she's defintely one of a kind in that department.  MD, Turk And Jay Stone pounded her out back to back and she took every inch like a champ..There's so much footage that I still have another part to this but I'll put it out in a few weeks or so..I know yall gonna like this so join up and check it out..
As you can see, Koko has a body on her and she puts it down for real..Jay Stone wanted to test her out so I set it up, and once again we got some excellent footage.  She came in ready for some dick and thought she could handle it, but you know how it go with #teamdurrrty..Got up in them guts real good to calm her in all it turned out nice..She ended up with a cum soaked pussy..I need to test that out next..Next up date gonna be pure'll see!!!
Sorry for the wait but had some difficulties with my hosting company, but nevertheless we are back with some fresh material from another fan favorite, Miss Princess aka Tap Out Queen.  MD and Jay Stone was on deck for a long ride on that fat ass. Princess always keeps it turnt up and she did her thing in this one. That throat got deeper and she briefly took it up the ass..All night me and Stone tagged team that pussy.>At one point Jay was watching Power while fuckin her doggy..Was a real colorful night and we had fun..She ended up with a load in her before she went to bed..
The Tag Team Champions Have Arrived!!!
Righ back at ya with some new shit. We got new cumers Sloah Laflare and Blck Madonna on deck..2 official freaks. MD and Jay Stone was on set to test these new sluts out, and it was a good night..Solah is a straight freak who you can tell loves BBC and Madonna got some of the creamiest pussy you  ever seen, I mean extra wet and sloppy.  We took turns fuckin these sluts and Solah somehow ended up with a creampie in scene for some 1st lots of hot shit coming..guaranteed
I Meant!!
Kitty Black returns to the amateur scene and never dissapoints the fans..We were suppose to get a room but they was all out so we said fuck it and did it in the car right down the block from the hotel..We tinted up so no one will even notice..Starts off with a nice blowjob..Kitty knows how to suck dick..After that her pussy was dripping with cream literally..Turk was only in her creamy ass pussy for 2 minutes and nutted all over the claimed the pussy was too good. After he got that nut out the way, he fucked her like she wanted to get fucked and nutted again on her ass..Kitty actually wanted more dick but we had to get up out of there..real live street shit here..Nice fat asses walkin by all
Back at it with a thotspot exclusive. Nobody got them Layla Finesse videos nowhere, but you know I got that stash for yall.  You seen her in action on this site already, now you get to see how she really handles dick. MD and Turk have a ball teaching her exactly what to do.Starts off with a very long blowjob, seems like she really enjoys sucking dick alot..She polishe me and Turk off with no problem..Then we got to fucking this good pussy gal..Had her bent over the couch taking nuff dick and she wouldn't take a dick out of her mouth..Man this girl is a pure freak..We pounded her out good, and this is only part one of our lil get Turk almost had her in tears..But check it out!!
You already know we dont discriminate when it come to pussy, white, black, yellow, purple,  whatever, we fuckin..Anyway Holly Blak cam from out of town for a dick down.  I got all 3 of us to come out for this one..Niggas was ready for that 20 yr old white Md, Jay Stone and Big Turk, but Turk showed up late, so me and Jay had to set it off, and that we did . Jay was tryna push her insides in..He rarely fucks white girls but he liked this lil shorty..We both pounded her out until Turk got there, and then all hell broke loose..You'll see that in pt.2, for now check out how we got up in those guts..The official warm up coming sooner that u think
We just couldnt get enough of this Miami pussy so we continued fucking her..By this time MD already bust a nut so I let Turk do his solo thing.. My man tore her up and turnt her out on the dick..SHe was acting like she couldn't take it, but she trooped it out and did her thing..Turk didn't hold up on her and he bust all on her face and in her mouth. Thats all she wrote..Real good scene with some real good pussy
Here's the conclusion to a long fucking night, like literally..Holly Blak is a super trooper who takes dick well at least tries to take dick..My man Turk finally came after me and Jay was in the middle of punishing that white pussy. Soon as he came in he jumped right in the action..After a few strokes me and Jay gave Turk his room to tear it up, and thats exactly what he did..Got deep in her to show her what real BBC is about.  Jay had to bounce so it was all me and Turk..She ended up with cum in her mouth, face and pussy.  Good night of white pussy pounding, a scene you dont want to miss
Picked up Cheri Blaq in manhattan and never quite made it to our destination..She was so fine Turk wanted that pussy at that moment, so here's the final product..She sucks a mean dick, I mean she knows what the fuck she doing..Turk ate the pussy and fucked her twice, one nut on her face and one on her ass..She takes dick pretty well for a new comer..All I can say is dam this shit was crazy.We was driving all aroung the city white she took dick in the back seat. What a good slut right here, hopefully there will be more to come
Yes you can now get this scene here at ththospot finally, and what a scene it is..The infamous Isis returns with some extreme shit..This was an all nighter, yes we spent the night with her and it was crazy as usual..Isis takes dick up her ass like no other, especially for her small frame. MD and Turk both got up in that ass but Turk left as few nuts in her..Unblievable how much she can take, and Turk did not hold back at all..You get to see it from beginning to end..about 2 hours worht of footage..Only here at it out
Now this shit right herrr is real special. Let me introduce La Finesse straight from Miami. 21 yr old freak, Pretty face, crazy body, good personality, and a whole lot more.  My secret weapon connect gave me first dibs on her before everyone else, so you know I had to hook yall up first..Jay Stone was on point and gave her a good dick down welcome to NYC, you know ya boy MD had to sample it to..All I can say, yes it is as good as it looks.  She's a special breed and knows what she's doing.  Ended with 2 nuts on her face and some goodhard fucking..Seen here 1st..A guranteed nut..Enjoy!!
If you seen the 1st one she did with us then you know this one was even more intense..Big Turk Jay Stone and Mike DIrty got to test out this freak once again. Eve is one of a kind, she can take dick, well somewhat, she can suck dick and take dick, and she's just an all around freak.. Watch as we take turns, banging her out, one by minute by minute almost with no breaks..She got broken in real good, believe me..She was left soaked in cum spit and sweat.  You defintely dont want to miss this one..That real amateur shit you like!!
Surprise surprise , here's something to cool yall down on this hot ass day, this weather is crazy..sheesh..But here yal go with something different..We got the infamous Diamond Ortega and Madison aka Maddy.  This was the first time they met and it was just magic.  They couldn't wait to get at eachother, and it showed..They took tuen on eachother for dam near an hour, Suckin, lickin, fuckin, dominating, man they got it on..Diamond tried to dominate Madison but Madison got her back as well..They literally wore eachother out and I got it all on never know what to expect at thethotspot..
Dam I forgot all about the rest of that night with her nd Haze..This is what happend after Haze and Jay Stone left. Me and Turk went another hour with this freak.  Man she was not playing and fucked both of us to the brinkl of had her bent up all types of ways and she was taking it like it aint shit.. We tag teamed her real nice and even tried to stick it up her ass, but her shit was too tight.  Was a great ending to a wonderful night. Turk nutted in her mouth and it was a wrap..Lalola Klitz deserves and award for this one..
Here's another surprise for all the people than joined recently..We got Sola Laflare back again doing what she do best, yes, taking dick..Up to Bat was MD and Jay Stone for the tag team 3some.  She sucks us off and we are hard instantly, ready to enter that southern pussy.  Jay sets it off and bangs her out real nice. She screaming like it aint no tomorrow b ut handles the dick pretty well..We trade off for a good hour until Jay lets off a nice load in her pussy..Super exclusive
This was actually thi 1st time we met the goddess Eve. Turk brought her to the spot for that try out and it turned into all out war.  Man she was a fuckin beast, she took all 3 of us with no problem, pounded out, no problem..We was on some tag team shit that night, and she was not tapping out..We kept  adick in her mouth and pussy with almost no breaks in between..Eve is a certified freak, and knows what she's doing. This was not badf at all for her 1st video..
Oh what a night baby baby, its always a treat with Big Booty Mary Jane in the house and this night was no different.  She came through at the hide out and me and Jay Stone took turns on that fat ass.  Them Cali girls love takin dick and suckin dick to..I was being a lil greedy caus the pussy was A1..I ended up cumming dead in that pussy, but this is after me and jay ran that choo choo train on her..Like a true submissive, she let us do what we want..Another classic for that ass..
You defintely dont want to miss this update, shit was nutts, literally..Tonya Reed makes her final appearence along side Princess aka Tap Out Queen.  My man Turk, Jay Stone, and D Rock was on deck for a funny ass fuckin night.  I swear everybody had mad jokes but bet they got dicked down, yeah we didn't forget that part..Almost 2 hours of raw footage of these 2 freaks going all the in. Somebody ended up with a creampie, but it was wall to wall action..Believe me when I say this shit is fire!!
Yeah man mwe found a freak and then some, Mis Wetta, a nerdy slut who loves cum and hard fucking. MD and Turk took this freak to town, and dogged her out totally. Turk had no mercy fuckin the dog shit out of she was taking dick all night..we tag teamed her, she squirted, we double teamed her, I mean we really put some dick down on this girl.  She managed to swalllow 3 and a half nuts in one night.  Oh did I mentiomn she got a deep throat too..Real good fuck right here from an unexpected slut..
My Man Jay had this slut we use dog out on a regular. She was so nasty and did whatever she was told. On this night we really did her in..She took dick from both of us until she got every last drop of cum.  Jay had her well trained for taking dick and she proved it.  She can suck a mean dick and loves to swallow, nothing short of spectacular in my opinion..Too bad she aint around no more, we definitely miss this slut..But check out how we did her..unforgettable..
Holly black always cums with that fire. Me and my boy had her at his trap house for the night and boy was it a good night.  Holly got some good hard fucking from both of us. The deep white pussy took every inch of dick that was put on her, well at least she tried. After I was sone fucking my boy got his nut off when I fell asleep.  She's locked up now but when she get out its on and poppin. Dont miss this one, you got to see her white ass takin dick. great shit, believe me
Here we go with some brand new talent straight from the south..Diamond Lovelle aint nothin to play with. 20 yrs old and can do it all. Not only did she take on Big Turk for her 1st video but she took him up the ass briefly. She's a total freak who squirts all over the place and loves to play with her wet pussy contantly. Very nice scene with these 2, they defintely had some good chemistry. Cant wait to see more of this freak bitch..Coming
2 dicks 2 pussies..perfect match
Hello to all the new members and for the older ones I'm back..Sometimes in life things happen that throw you off completely..To all that lost thier mom I can relate 100% now..But back to bringing you guys that uncut and raw.  Here we have 2 freaks, Olivia Raine and Maddy, a kinda unusual pair we put together.  Was spontaneous but hot as fuck. Md and Turk did the honors of blessing these to freaks with some real dick.  They both got that pussy worked on simultaneously.  I gave yall the full clip on this one..Got more updates coming in a few days..stay tuned
Sorry for the delay but believe me it was worth the wait..We got a vegan slut named Alex Monroe who loves it up the ass and loves creamy creampies. MD and Mr Jay took turns fucking her in all holes.  She was left with 2 creampies, one up her ass and one in her pussy.  I mean we really worked those holes out like no other. I never met a slut like this one and you will see from the full video..Prepare to be amazed..You though Isis could take dick, she aint shit compared to this one..Enjoy..
We always got something new for you over here at thethotspot, and this one is a guaranteed banger. 19 yr old Blu Mere comes out of no where with a stellar performance. This is her 1st video ever and she did excellent. Jay Stone And Mr Jay teamed up for this lil hot thang, they ran a perfect train on her.  After some good old fashioned hard fucking, she swallowed both loads without a problem.  She's as nasty as they get. We must see more of this freak..
Back on my random booty shit over here..This a old video with my man Jay Stone and Cherry Creme. She use to be a real freak during her short career in porn. I'm pretty sure you seen her onmy other sites, but U never seen this one. My man Jay stone fucked that pussy untill it squeaked.  He broke her in pretty good and she loved every stroke..Great jerk off material..check it out now in the member area.
Straight Out The Archives
Yall thought I forgot about yall, no I didn't.. Back with some hot ass shit with young girl Olivia Raine..Here's some unseen footage of Mack Steele and MD tearin the pussy up.  She came through just to chill but we ended up in her..Hey why not!!..She took the dicks good and was a good lil slut for the day..Check it out in the member area..Good shit!!
Rainbow is a veteran in the amateur porn world, she's been in the game for a minute discovered by my man Rick Nasty.  She was definitely a standout and will always be a favorite of mines, enough with the this particular day she came straight from shooting with and she came straight to  Yep she had a full day of dick, and she did excellent. She took on 3 of us and even got creampied..She gets busy.  Excuse the few glitches in the video, I had a hard drive crash and got it recovered but some vids was acting funny..Enjoy!!
Back with some classic shit for yall this time around..Sorry for the delay but had some hard drive issues again, but hey I'm back.  Smiley was a BBW freak of the dam week..Me D Rock and Jay Stone took full advantage of her freaky ways..She serviced us for hours on end and took dick in all holes, not without a whole lotta telling ang screaming..You know how we get down with them dick downs and this is no different..She ended up with a nice creampie at the end..A definite classic that you dont want to miss.
Got some fire shit for yall this time around.  Blu Mere and Layla Red fuck fest.  This is Layla's 1st video ever and it was just crazy. MD and Mr. Jay were on deck for this high powered night of straight fuckin and suckin.  Starts of pretty tame and ends up out of this world. Layla loves dick and pussy and Blu loves to get fucked so you know it was alot of fun. The video was so long I had to break it down in parts. Pt.2 you will see Layla taking it up the ass, but for now enjoy her intorduction into the porn game..Guaranteed classic footage right here.
Here go pt.2 and you dont want to miss this one..Layla was takin big dick up her ass from both guys. Blu wasnt ready for anal but she took alot of dick until she got nutted on. Layla continued to take some rough anal until she got nutted in..This was a creazy ass night, just wait until you see this footage..They are both one of a kind..check my for exclusive never before seen behind the scenes shit..
I knew Divine for a few years and you might see her splashed around a few of my sites. She a slim pretty freak who loves it up the ass, and loves sucking dick. Big Turk and Jay Stone did the honors and broke her in just right.  She's a pro at BBC because she barely flinched while taking it.  Was a great gangbang but she was real quiet and shy..Just something from the archives for you guys
You may have seen her around but this is where it all began, her very 1st scene ever.  She aint no THOT for sure, very classy and very nasty .  MD and Jay Stone did the honors of breaking her in.  I must say she was a bit intimidating due to her stature, kinda tall and just got this look in her eye, but nevertheless we got up in her and showed her what this side of porn is like.  The Dirty side is where we put them to the test, and thats exactly what we did to her.  So far so good and this isonly Pt.1. I couldn't give yall the full kilo yet, you might get paranoid..Coming very
soon though
Yall thought I forgot about you guys this month, no way. Got to keep yall with something nice.  And Diamond Lovell aint nothin to play with. This southern slut is like no other, she craves dick and does what she does with a passion.  Watch as MD and Jay Stone put some work in on that pussy and mouth.  She dam near tapped out but was a trooper. True freak indeed.  New site coming soon, stay tuned
WIsh we had more time with her because she was alot of fun. But we finish off the video with her taking major dick from both of us, I mean we pounded her out. She ended up swallowing 1 load and taking the other in her pussy.  I swear she is an all around freak who knows what she's doing . I heard she retired now, but hopefully I can get her to do one more scene.  Until then enjoy this lovely scene
Newest to the amateur porn game and brought to you 1st and exclusively by me we introduce you to Honey Dizz..19 yr old nasty poundout slut.  She has been officially broken in from the looks of this video. MD and Mr.Jay did the honors of tearing her shit to shreds.  We really put her pussy to the ultimate test and dug them guts out something awful. Shit I almost felt sorry for  All excluvie shit right here, lots more to come from her
Here's one for history, 2 beautiful ladies whom both of them liked pussy and dick and 2 willing BBC's to get the job done.  Man it was like a swing party with Solah and Milan.  They couldn't get enough of eachother and we we couldn't get enough pussy.  Milan really got banged out alot but Solah took a good amount of dick.  Just a fun night with lots of poundouts.  Too bad Solah retired and Milan is locked up. Hopefully she will be home soon, we need more of her..Enjoy
More exclusive material, this time featuring  a girl named Mizz Kitti.  Straight outta Texas she comes and gets down.  She dying to get into porn so we gave her a shot and tested out the pussy. Jay Stone and MD did the honors and showed her what NYC was about.  It was obvious she loves to fuck and does it well.  She got  2 nuts out of us and then skated.  Since this video she has since retired. Enjoy!!
Here's some throwback footage of the now retired Madison aka Maddy Mason with Jay Stone.  She was a real winner with a fat lil pussy that my man Jay pounded down.  She has an innocent demeanor but takes dick like a champ. She ended up with a nice creampie in the end.  A real classic from the archives.  Got another update following this one. Stay tuned.
Got something special for yall this time around, the one and only Tiara Malone graces thethotspot with her supreme skill set.  MD and Mr Jay did the Honors of breaking her in our way.  Lets just say she's all that and then some. Took dick in every hole with no time limits at all.  Finished with a creampie and oneon her ass. She is defintely the one right here, got to get more footage of this one.  I know yall wil lenjoy her nasty ass.  YOU CAN ALSO BUY THIS VIDEO SEPARATELY JUST CLICK HERE
Oh yeah they are back again. Layla Red and Blu Mere take on the infamous Mack Steele. Shit ended up being an instant classic. Just wll to wall fucking and sucking, like non stop. Layla takes 11 inches up the ass and squirts her brains out. Blu got owned by Mack and took the dick like a champ.  You dont want to miss out on this one. Easily one of the best scenes of the year.